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Campbell’s Grilled Chicken Brushetta

Campbell's Grilled Chicken Bruschetta

Campbell’s Grilled Chicken Bruschetta

Another fabulous heads-up recipe sharing moment from Lynn.  She thought my family & I would like it – I tried it and it was a HUGE hit!  It led me back to the Campbell site, and little did I know how many dynamite, family friendly recipes they have – frugal, easy, healthy.  I have lots bookmarked and want to try one each week.  I want to add a favorites recipe category and I’m sure many, including this recipe, will end up there.  It will also be great for the college cooking survival series I’ve got going right now.  So glad she thought of me – little did she know it’s leading me down a Campbell’s cooking path!

A heads up on another cooking path I’ve been on. I’ll be adding a classic cooking recipe category.  Last year my husband’s niece, Karen, and I started a project together.  She invited me to journey our way through Julia Childs cookbooks – her first 2 volumes.  It was a little intimidating to do alone, so we decided to divide & conquer.  Each of us picked a recipe from JC, let each other know what was on the menu the Sunday before, we had the week to read, learn, shop and prepare it, photo it, then touch base on how it went, and shared it with family or friends.  Between the two of us we worked our way through a good chunk of her work….but so much more to go.  Once the snow falls, we’ll dive back in I’m sure.  She’ll get back from cooking in Ireland and I plan to interrogate her on what she’s learned.

So, enjoy this amazing Grilled Chicken Bruschetta.  So many times my favorite recipes come from friends who think of me when they try it themselves.  I doubled the sauce – cause I like things saucy.  Thanks, Lynn!!


(A quick edit on this recipe. I’ve made this dish a few more times since my original post and instead of grilling the chicken, I baked it.  It was better than the grille method!  I spooned some of the sauce over the chicken and it thickened up beautifully, it came out with a gorgeous glaze on top.)



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