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Greek Layered Dip

Greek Layered Dip

Greek Layered Dip

I’m having trouble finding words to describe how much I love this Layered Greek Dip. I’m snacking on this as I type. I first tried it a few years ago and thought it was fantastic. When guest blogger Karen Kennedy and I collaborated on her Golden Globes Cocktail Party, I knew I had to track down the recipe.  I’ll include the link to the site that Yummly found for me. You all know about If not, check it out. Credit to Our Best Bites …which credits Better Homes & Gardens for the original version.

This gorgeous dip has amazing flavors – it’s creamy and zesty, tart and salty, different textures and fresh ingredients just make this shine in every way.  Easy to put together and fabulous to make ahead and store in the frig – making this a day ahead would be perfect. It serves a crowd and holds over very well on the table.

To note:  I did adapt this recipe to make it lower fat and a bit lighter in texture than the original. I used low fat cream cheese and low fat feta. Also, as you’ll see, the recipe calls for layering the cream cheese mixture then the hummus on top. I actually combined them and whipped with a mixer until light in texture, I also seasoned with Italian seasoning at this point.  Then at the end, on the very top layer, I lightly drizzled some bottled light greek salad dressing, just a touch to give it a bit of shine.

I served with store bought flat bread, cut into pieces, brushed with olive oil and oven baked to crisp until a golden brown.  It can also be served with a veggie tray or pita chips.  Have plenty of chips on hand. I would LOVE it if you checked out who recently posted his hummus and hit home-made pita chips. They looked incredible and if I would have had the time, I would have made those instead.

Here’s the recipe link for the dip! I really hope you try this.


Greek Dip with Flat Bread Chips

Greek Dip with Flat Bread Chips


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