Alex – My First Guest Creator!

Alex – My First Guest Creator!

Kids in the Kitchen!

Meet Alex:  This young man is going places. He makes me smile – he probably doesn’t always want to be in the kitchen but he gets coaxed in by his mom helping him to make food he wants to make – which keeps him coming back. Tossing pizza dough, kneading cinnamon rolls….Love it!

You go, Alex! Thanks for letting me feature your amazing stuff! Can’t wait to see what you make next.

Pizza Dough!




Cinnamon Rolls! (kneading but not needing)

4 thoughts on “Alex – My First Guest Creator!”

  • I love your recipes they are easy to follow and I have great fun kneeeeding the dough as you can see. Plus everything tastes great fresh from the oven. AlexFireClaw?

    • Haha! Yes…definitely tastes great fresh from the oven. Looking forward to what you make next. Pick a recipe from anywhere, doesn’t have to be here – or make your own! Give me a heads up and we’ll pop it up here. You inspire young people to cook & bake! #alexfireclaw

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