First Loaf of Sourdough with a Brand New Starter

First Loaf of Sourdough with a Brand New Starter

***4/22/20 EDIT**

Can you all please leave me some feedback on this video?  I sped up the footage because I have other videos showing the exact same process of the bake – but I was wondering if anyone thought it would be helpful to slow this one down?  I’m happy to re-edit it. THANK YOU!!


If you just watched my Fast & Easy Sourdough Starter video then you know my brand new starter grew strong enough in just 5 days and I used it right away to bake off a loaf of bread!  I sped up the footage for this quick bake, but if you want the details, an instructional video, and the recipe for my Beginner Tartine Sourdough Loaf – then click the link. I used the same exact recipe for this first bake. Beginner Tartine Sourdough Bread – Step by Step Video and Recipe

For the link to the Fast and Easy Sourdough Starter click Fast and Easy Sourdough Starter

I also have other tutorials and recipes in my Sourdough Page, as well as all the info you need in my Sourdough School section.

Happy Baking!

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