How To Score Sourdough Bread Video

How To Score Sourdough Bread Video

Want to know more about How to Score Sourdough Bread? Here’s a quick 2-minute video that shows you the basics. In my Sourdough Video Tutorial Gallery, I have several scoring videos for you to choose from.

A loaf of bread.

Whether you slash or score – totally up to you.  I do one or the other depending on my mood.  If I do a slash, I usually don’t apply much rice flour and just leave the loaf a’la natural with a single slash.  But, if I do a score pattern, I’ll use some white rice flour sprinkled on top to bring out that pattern of the score.

No matter what style you choose it’s important to use a sharp blade and use confident slashing strokes. You want to avoid poking the dough and dragging the blade.

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Did you know that I bake at ‘high altitude’? I really should say I bake at high elevation’ because after all, I’m not baking on an airplane. Haha. If you have questions about high elevation baking I would recommend you check out the link below. 

King Arthur Flour

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