Kombucha Supplies – What you need

Kombucha Supplies – What you need

A list of everything you need with links.  It’s pretty simplified, actually.  I got set up for $50 with all of it (except the heating mat, filter, and scale – and those things are essential).  I’ve easily made a return on my money by not buying kombucha from the store. We would go through 14 bottles a week at about $3 per bottle.  I can brew this at home for .52 cents per bottle. Not bad!

~ Supplies ~

A clean cloth napkin, linen or cotton. Or a coffee filter, or piece of paper towel. Whatever you have on-hand. It’s used to cover the jug. Don’t use a lid, the kombucha needs to breathe.  ( For the second ferment though, that’s when you need a bottle with a lid or cap to create a sealed environment to build up carbonation. )

A rubber band

Plain tea (black, green, white) – these are just options and ones I like but feel free to use whatever you find. It needs to be ‘plain’ though.

Granulated sugar


SCOBY & Starter Liquid

Bottles for F2 (fermentable grade) – please take extra care with making sure your bottles are fermentable grade to avoid injury with glass breaking and explosion.

A low temp mat used to germinate seedlings, but I use it during the winter for kombucha brewing because my house is cold. Some people set their jugs on the mat and others slide the mat in between their jugs. It can get a little toasty so take the temp daily.

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