Sourdough: 4 Scores & 4 Bakes in 4:56 minutes

Sourdough: 4 Scores & 4 Bakes in 4:56 minutes

Got a few minutes and want to watch 4 quick scores?  Sometimes it’s nice to see some repetition and get a feel for how the dough reacts a little differently with each loaf.  You’ll see that with the bakes, they’re also a little different, even though the recipe is the same and the oven temp is the same.  Each loaf has its own personality.

Scroll down for the video and if you would like an “instructional” video where I bring you along with me and teach you what I’m doing, what to use, how to prep, and score…then you’ll want to see 2 other videos.

Technique: Learn To Score and Bake Sourdough. Demonstrating Three Loaves.


Sourdough: Prepping to Score & Bake Video

Happy Baking!

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