Sourdough Scores & Bakes Gallery

Sourdough Scores & Bakes Gallery

Here is a just for fun, hodge-podge collection of pictures in my Sourdough Scores & Bakes Gallery.  I hope it gives you some inspiration! 

Jump down to the score gallery which is just below this How To Build Structure technique video. Building structure in your sourdough is how to achieve a good score and oven spring! So, if you’re new to sourdough, this video along with my other demos will help you!

Sourdough Bread: How To Stretch & Fold by afoodloverslife on Jumprope.

Whether you slash or score is totally up to you.  I do one or the other depending on my mood.  If I do a slash, I usually don’t apply much rice flour and just leave the loaf a’la natural with a single slash.  But, if I do a score pattern, I’ll use some white rice flour sprinkled on top to bring out that pattern of the score.

If you’re ready to start sourdough or are just starting to get your feet wet, you might find these techniques helpful: BEGINNER SOURDOUGH TARTINE, and 4 SCORES AND 4 BAKES IN 4:56 MINUTES.

Did you know that I bake at ‘high altitude’? I really should say I bake at high elevation’ because after all,  I’m not baking on an airplane. Haha. If you have questions about high elevation baking I would recommend you check out the King Arthur Flour link for their guide on baking at elevation. 

King Arthur Flour

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