Technique: Learning Stretch & Fold and Coil Fold for Sourdough Bread

Technique: Learning Stretch & Fold and Coil Fold for Sourdough Bread

A technique video below showing you how to perform stretch & folds, and also coil folds to build structure and extensibility in your sourdough bread. I show you 3 loaves – working stretch & folds, and coil folds for each series (3 separate times) – this will show you show the dough progresses over time and with handling. 

Most sourdough bread is considered a ‘no-knead’ bread and instead uses fermentation, hydration, and time to obtain that beautiful oven spring, creamy and airy texture, and crackly crisp crust.

Having said that – the dough does need to be briefly handled in the first 1/2 of the ‘bulk fermentation’ phase.  If you’re not sure what bulk fermentation is – hop over here for a quick glance at terminology.

By handling, I mean it needs to be stretched and folded, or coiled, in stages – usually about 30 minutes apart. This manipulation will build the structure and elasticity in the dough.

In the video below, you’ll see me do the stretch and folds, and also a coil fold, which is another easy technique. I’ve also included a more intermediate style coil fold which really helps with lamination (helpful for more intermediate level loaves).

If you’re new to sourdough – please check my Sourdough School pages, my beginner recipe video and my other technique videos – all in the Sourdough Video Tutorials Tab. 


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