Technique: The Rubaud Mixing Method for High Hydration Sourdoughs

Technique: The Rubaud Mixing Method for High Hydration Sourdoughs

A technique video showing you the Rubaud mixing method by Gerard Rubaud. It’s a scoop and slap mixing style which helps the structure of high hydration sourdoughs. I’ve found it especially helpful with obtaining a silky dough using rye, wheat, or spelt, or a combination. Those grains are water hogs, and the scoop and slap seem to move them along in the autolyse.

I would consider this an intermediate technique, but there are some sourdough bakers who use this method in their beginner bakes.

MY recommendation for a beginner bake is using all bread flour (or all-purpose) and just a regular stir method. Just stir it like you would any other mixture, making sure to incorporate all the flour so there are no dry spots. Then down the road when you start incorporating different grains and maybe higher hydration, then come back to watch this Rubaud method. It might come in handy!

If you’re looking for a more intermediate ‘coil’ technique for your multi-grain or higher hydration dough, then click this video here – it goes through a few beginner methods but also shows a more intermediate coil.

If you’re new to sourdough – please check my Sourdough School pages, my beginner recipe video and my other technique videos – all in the Sourdough Video Tutorials Tab. 

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