Technique: The Rubaud Mixing Method for Sourdough

Technique: The Rubaud Mixing Method for Sourdough

Have you heard of the Rubaud mixing method? I’ve been using this mixing method with my high hydration sourdoughs and I have a technique video to show you how to do it. The Rubaud “mixing” method, by the late Gerard Rubaud, is mixing style which helps fully incorporate the final dough mix.

The final dough mix consists of:

  • Autolyse (flour & water)
  • Leaven (or mature sourdough starter)
  • Salt

There are different ways you can incorporate the final dough mix and each baker has their own preferrence. If you haven’t baked much sourdough it would seem easy to combine flour, water, salt, and sourdough starter – but the challenge is the structure and consistency of the individual components.

The Autolyse is sticky and heavy and the Leaven is quite slippery. Mixing something sticky with something slippery is a bit like mixing peanut butter with jelly.

ways to incorporate the final dough mix

  • Some bakers use a “pinch and release” method to incorporate the final dough mix.
  • Others just fold, fold, fold and pull the structure gently, then fold it again.
  • Some use a stand mixer and I’m a huge fan of that. On slow speed, I’ll just let the mixer do the work and I’ll save my wrist and shoulder from over-use.
  • And then finally some use the Rubaud method, which is a pull and release type motion.

Just to clarify. This mixing method isn’t meant to knead the dough or replace further steps of building structure. It is simply a way to thoroughly combine the final dough mix and get it off to a good start with the bulk ferment.

A quick note about the video. I had other technique loaves that I was also filming so I mention them, but really the segment for this video is just to focus on the Rubaud. If you have interest in other technique videos you might like: LEARNING PRE-SHAPE AND SHAPE, and 4 SCORES & 4 BAKES IN 4:56 MINUTES.

Click the image below for a link to my full recipe!

Sourdough bread: how to coil fold, stretch & fold, stretch & wrap

Happy Baking!

If you’re new to sourdough – please check my Sourdough School pages, my beginner recipe video, and my other technique videos – all in the Sourdough Video Tutorials Tab. 

If you’re interested in learning more about Gerard Rubaud you can read up on him here!

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