Teens Crushing It In The Kitchen Series

Teens Crushing It In The Kitchen Series

We’re keeping it in the family and spotlighting a Guest Teen Cooking Series with the Kennedy brothers Aiden, Brenden, and Grady making their own grub. Bringing you menus, photos, and recipes below.

First up! Mash-Up Meals & Menus

Their Aunt Karen is FaceTime teaching the guys some basic cooking skills to apply in any emergency eats situation, and while she’s got their attention she’s kicking it up a notch to introduce a few ‘fancaaay’ dishes – like Pavlova?? Bring it!

The guys do the menu planning then prep and execute the recipes.  Plating happens fast  – then crushing those homemade dishes happens faster.

It’s hard to choose my favorites in this Guest Creator Teen Series – we have strong contenders so far, including:

Pizza & Pavlova Teen Kitchen: Pizza & Pavlova

Appliance Night Teen Kitchen: Appliance Night!

Seared Herb Steaks with Frites & Campfire Smores Dip  Teen Kitchen: Seared Herbed Steak with Frites & Campfire Smores Dip


BUT FIRST – we’ve got….


(photos below & recipes and links coming soon)



| Spike Roasted Chicken with Rice, Steamed Carrots, Butterscotch Brownies |





| Garlic Lemon Chicken Cutlets with Hassleback Potato Bar |





| Italian Meatball Subs and Vanilla Iced Cookies |



| Breakfast For Dinner Biscuits with Fried Egg & Brown Sugar Bacon |




| BallPark Bacon Wrapped Hotdogs and Baseball Choc-Chip Cookies |




| Pan-Fried Pork Chops with Apple Sauce and Veggie Egg Noodles |


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